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Pre-purchase Advice

Acquiring a property is a considerable investment, and recognising its inherent potential is essential. Our Pre-Purchase Architectural Advice service provides a thorough analysis of the possibilities and constraints of a property prior to acquisition. We assist in delineating the limitations and prospects of your property or land, ensuring you fully realise its potential.

Detailed Property Analysis

We conduct a detailed examination of the property's structure and layout, identifying any potential issues to ensure you are fully informed about its condition and suitability for your plans.


Design Potential Exploration

Our initial designs reveal the property’s potential through elegant sketches, focusing on enhancing space and functionality to meet your specific needs and aspirations.


Regulatory Compliance Assessment

We meticulously assess any planning or building regulations affecting the property. Our comprehensive understanding of local legislation ensures you are well-informed of all compliance requirements and consents needed for your future plans.


Mood Board Creation

We craft bespoke mood boards that visually articulate the design potential of your property. These boards integrate textures, colours, furnishings, and spatial layouts, offering a tangible glimpse into the aesthetic possibilities that align with your vision.

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