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House N

Brief: To renovate an old apartment into an attractive AirBnb

Objective: Flat renovation and loft conversion above

Location: Hackney, London

Year originally built: 1900s

Completed: 2018

Budget: £60,000

RIBA Stages: 0 – 6

Our client acquired a compact flat within a distinguished apartment building, presenting a prime opportunity for a transformative renovation. Recognising the potential of the underutilised loft space, we meticulously designed a double-height living area, introducing a sense of grandeur and openness into the urban dwelling.

Natural light floods the interior through two strategically placed skylights, complemented by a Velux balcony window that not only illuminates but also enriches the living experience. An elegantly open staircase, centrally positioned, divides the space into functional zones—on one side, the kitchen and dining area, and on the other, a luxurious living space. This architectural feature leads to the upper level, where the Velux balcony divides the space into a cosy reading nook, while the opposite end offers a tranquil sleeping area.

The choice of materials speaks to a refined aesthetic; natural oak flooring and white walls form a clean, modern backdrop, accented by an exposed beam that adds an industrial touch. This renovation not only enhances the functionality of the flat but also elevates it into a sophisticated, airy urban retreat.

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