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House P

Brief: To modernise and enlarge the existing kitchen

Objective: A single storey rear kitchen extension

Location: East Finchley, London

Year originally built: 1940s

Completed: 2020

Budget: £97,000

RIBA Stages: 0 – 6

The massing follows the existing pitched roof volume, making use of as much floor to ceiling height as possible. The garden wall is entirely glazed and divided into three equally wide sections: two sliding doors and a window seat. A frameless skylight to the South creates a playful, dynamic light during different times of the day and also at different times throughout the year.


Inside, a colour palette dominated by greys, navy and natural/wooden colours enriches the contrast of the space, playing with both minimal and warm tones. The feeling of a natural flow from interior to exterior spaces was important to the renovation of this home. The microcement flooring extends beyond the kitchen area to the garden in order to visually extend the space.

The kitchen/dining area and the living room are divided by two sliding Crittall doors on each side of the central supporting wall. These equally sized doors make the physical connection of these spaces flexible whilst not compromising on the light in the living room.


The family’s main living space was dramatically increased with a new large ground-level kitchen and dining area, where the peacefulness of the house and the garden makes the dweller forget they’re in the city.

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