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Exclusive Services

At Lumin, we prioritise efficient and direct access to expert architectural guidance. Our Online Design Consultation connects you with leading architects via Zoom, enabling you to refine and discuss your project from anywhere in the world. Whether planning a new build, renovation, or interior redesign, our tailored services are designed to seamlessly translate your vision into reality, ensuring precision and innovation at every step—all from the convenience of your preferred location.

Customised Conceptual Designs

Receive bespoke conceptual designs tailored specifically to your needs. Our architects deliver innovative solutions that balance aesthetics with functionality, providing you with a clear visual foundation for your project.


Mood Board Creation

Explore the potential of your space through professionally curated mood boards. These visual compilations gather textures, colors, and materials, offering you a tangible sense of the project's aesthetic direction before detailed planning begins.


30min Zoom Consultation

Engage directly with our architects in a focused 30-minute Zoom consultation. This session is ideal for discussing your project’s specifics, exploring initial ideas, and clarifying your architectural requirements in real-time.


Comprehensive Project Action Plan

Following the consultation, you will receive a comprehensive action plan that outlines the steps necessary to move your project forward. This includes timelines, estimated costs, and a suggested architectural process, providing a clear roadmap for project execution.

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